Before putting together a modeling portfolio, it is important to know what type of modeling you can do. A portfolio of a Freelance model would probably include a variety of different types of photos, while a portfolio of a high fashion model would have high fashion images, and so on. So be realistic from the very onset of your career to avoid any setbacks or rejections due to the fact that you are attempting to enter a type of modeling that is not best suited for you.

You should know that your modeling portfolio is a true first impression of yourself as a model. A portfolio will always be the first thing that agencies and clients look at before they even choose to see you in person. And for that reason, it is highly recommended to focus on the building of an impressive modeling portfolio that will enable you to establish a successful career as a model.

Pay attention to the quality of the photos you choose to include in your portfolio. These photos need to impress agencies and clients alike and make you stand out from the rest. So always aim to project the best possible image of yourself.

Here are a few things to remember when building a modeling portfolio:

It is better to have fewer photos that are great, than having more photos that are of poorer quality. So the rule of thumb is that less is more. As a new model, your portfolio should have 6 - 12 photos, especially when you are presenting yourself to a new agency. As an established model, your portfolio should ideally have anywhere between 10 and 25 photos.

Always keep in mind that the purpose of a modelling portfolio is not only to show your good looks, but it should also demonstrate your ability to portray different characters, age ranges and personality. For this reason you should include good headshots without makeup, these are called Polaroids. It's also important to have good body shots, with swimwear or tight-fitting clothes, especially if you plan to apply to the larger model markets.

In terms of the type of photos to include in your model portfolio, there are no specific rules that you should follow, but just remember to keep your portfolio as professional as possible by only including high quality photos. Do not feel pressured to include pictures where you are in a swimsuit or lingerie, unless that is the type of modeling you want to work in. As long as you know what type of modeling you are looking to do, that should be enough to give you some direction as to what kind of pictures to include.

Below are a variety of High Fashion Photography packages to choose from depending on your budget and what you'd like to get out of the photo session. If none of the packages shown are what you're looking for contact me and we can create a customized package just for you.

Comp Cards/Headshots

During your session we will take several photographs for a composite card (1-5 looks). This is used by actors, models, dancers and musicians for commercial print auditions and self-promotion. A comp card is not just for models. A comp card is an important resource in addition to a headshot. The makeup/hairstylist cost is additional and paid directly to the artist/s on the day of the shoot.

3 Looks + Headshots: $600 (makeup required: Women $325/ Men $250) - $925

4 Looks + Headshots: $700 (makeup required: Women $375/ Men $300) - $1075

5 Looks + Headshots: $800 (makeup required: Women $425/ Men $350) - $1225

Fashion/ Couture Photography

During your session we will take several photographs for your fashion/ couture shoot (1-5 looks). The makeup/hairstylist cost is additional and paid directly to the artist/s on the day of the shoot.

3 Looks $750 (makeup required: Women $325/ Men $250) - $1075

4 Looks $850 (makeup required: Women $375/ Men $300) - $1225

5 Looks $950 (makeup required: Women $425/ Men $350) - $1375


Prices may change/vary, according to client location/s selection. A 50% Nonrefundable deposit will be required at contract sign-on. JSDrifter Photography & Captivating ART Photography will require/you/client, to be on the shoot on the accord location-time and/or additional fees may apply if they are not met. Cancellation of contract may only be done 3 Days prior to shoot.